Mofo 5: Favorites – Sweet Dreams

I love the Urban Vegan blog, but I don’t cook very much from my copy of the Urban Vegan cookbook.  These Sogni D’Oro (cinnamon white chocolate chip) cookies are the exception.  Crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, with a delicate cinnamon flavor, the cookies are a worthy use of often hard-to-find vegan white chocolate chips.  The cookies themselves are not too sweet, which nicely balances the sweet chips.

I always make a half batch, which yields about 14 cookies — enough for Veggie Husband and I to snack for a few days.

Sogni D’Oro – p. 170 of The Urban Vegan


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  1. Um, those cookies look fantastic. And I have half a bag of white chocolate chips hanging out in my cabinet. Hummmm… 🙂

    adrienne at

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