Mofo – The Giving Mutt with Shelby: Animal Acres

Animal Acres is a farm animal sanctuary located about an hour from Los Angeles.  It’s now affiliated with Farm Sanctuary and it’s home to more than 100 animals including these tasty majestic looking chickens and rooster.

Recently, Mom and Dad volunteered at the sanctuary during a monthly “Work Party” volunteer day.  Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted to volunteer, but I was able to discern the following based upon a careful sniffing of Mom’s sneakers:

Volunteer day is a chance to meet the residents of the sanctuary and help them keep their homes nice and clean.  In addition to learning how to properly massage a pig, you’ll have the chance to scoop plenty of poop — chicken poop, pig poop, sheep poop, turkey poop — I’m so jealous I missed it.  I would have loved to roll around in all that stinky hay.  (Work gloves and face masks are provided).  Mom said the best part was cleaning up the turkey barn because the turkeys are like feathered dogs — very social and curious.  After a hard day of farm labor, volunteers share a vegan potluck.  Apparently you work up quite an appetite because Mom came home and ate even more despite having gorged on all sorts of goodies at the farm.  Here I am begging for my cut:

[Editor’s Note:  The work parties are open to older kids and teens, so it’s a great opportunity for families to volunteer together.  Younger kids can tour the sanctuary during monthly tour days or special events.]


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