Mofo: Post Baby Survival – My Week In Meals

Now that I have to plan my day around when my little guy is hungry (pretty much all the time), getting meals on the table for Veggie Husband and I has become quite a challenge.  Here’s what I ate during week one.


  • Breakfast (hospital) – oatmeal, veggie sausage patty, fruit, coffee, prune juice
  • Lunch (home) – leftovers
  • Dinner (home) – takeout from LA Vegan (mango salad, orange chicken, green curry, tofu with pumpkin and eggplant, satay) – we over-ordered so that we would have leftovers


  • Breakfast (home) – puffed grain cereal, soy yogurt, fruit (all purchased before going to have baby)
  • Lunch (home) – leftovers from LA Vegan
  • Dinner (home) – spaghetti, veggie sausage using Vegan Diner recipe, salad (sauce and sausages pre-made and frozen before baby was born)


  • Breakfast (home) – oatmeal with apple butter, raisins and walnuts, banana, coffee
  • Lunch (out) – bean and rice burrito
  • Dinner (out) – mixed green, fruit and nut salad, pasta

We chose restaurants with outdoor dining patios to avoid exposing baby to too many germs.


  • Breakfast (out) – latte and oatmeal at Coffee Bean
  • Lunch (home) – leftovers
  • Dinner (home) – Smokey Grilled Tempeh from Veganomicon, collard greens, roasted potatoes, cornbread adapted from Pillsbury Complete Cookbook recipe (recipes chosen for ease of preparation — the marinade for the tempeh is used to flavor the greens- and prepared with help from my parents, who were visiting)

Smokey Grilled Tempeh, Collard Greens, Roasted Potatoes, Corn Bread


  • Breakfast (home) – peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apple, chai tea
  • Lunch (home) – more leftovers
  • Dinner (home) – Chilli and salad (Chilli premade and frozen before baby was born)


  • Breakfast (home) – strawberry smoothie
  • Lunch (home) – more leftovers
  • Dinner (out) – Native Foods Greek Gyro Bowl, glass of wine, pumpkin cheesecake

Native Foods has a dog friendly patio, so the whole family was able to go.  The glass of wine was to celebrate weaning myself off my painkillers, which means I could safely have a drink for the first time in more than 9 months.


  • Breakfast (home) – tofu scramble, veggie bacon, toast, fruit, coffee
  • Lunch (home) – takeout pizza
  • Dinner (home) – chana masala, vegetable biryani, roasted brussels sprouts (sprouts and chana masala made by me, biryani was a frozen meal)

Baby slept well today and my parents were still in town, so I had more time to cook.


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