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The best laid plans….

When we last left off, I had quit my job in Los Angeles with big plans to resume regular blogging after completing a cross country move.  Well, the move went off more or less as planned, but blogging has proved a bit more challenging.

We are currently staying with my parents while trying to figure out our next move.  Our stuff is staying in a nearby storage unit that is ever so slightly too small.  No matter.  We just stacked the boxes 6 deep.  Somewhere at the bottom of that stack are my camera and cookbooks.

You can imagine how excited my husband was when I announced that I needed said camera and cookbooks for this year’s Vegan Mofo.  After much whining (mostly on my husband’s part), he agreed to scale Mount U-Store.  During our expedition, I located my camera and about 1/3 of my precious cookbook collection.  With a mere 30 cookbooks in hand (and our coats balled up in my backpack because they have something called winter here), we returned triumphant to my parents’ house.

“Great,” you say.  “No more excuses not to blog.”  You would, of course, be wrong.  Tomorrow, we leave for a 9 day trip to Alaska, which will further delay my return to blogging.  I will be back though.  (This time, I really mean it).

In honor of this new chapter in our lives, my MoFo theme will focus on exploring things new to me: new food, new recipes and new places.  I will start with some posts about our trip and move forward from there. No more excuses.  (Really.)

See you soon.


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