Vegan Mofo 4: All Aboard the Mickey Ship – Part 2 of 2

I’m somehow not on the official blog roll for this year’s Vegan MoFo.  I suppose I should have confirmed my registration was successful sooner than 9 days into MoFo.  Live and learn, it seems.  Though I’m disappointed not to be an official participant, I’m going ahead with blogging this month anyway. 

We’re in a transition period here in the Veggie Lawyer household following my decision to quit my job and move 3,000 miles to be closer to family.  In keeping with our life situation, the theme I have chosen for the month is “Try Something New.”  I’ll be trying new foods, doing new things and making recipes for the first time.  Then, I’ll blog them here.

Vegan Eats on the Disney Wonder


(Glacier Cocktail)

This is the final installment in my 2 part review of our Alaskan Cruise aboard the Disney Wonder.  In part 1, I reviewed the trip from a parent-with-toddler perspective.  In part 2, I’ll focus on what we ate.

Our decision to sail with DCL was a last-minute one.  After completing our cross-country move, we planned to travel abroad (which fortunately meant that we had acquired a passport for my son).  About 3 weeks before the September 1 sail date for the last Alaska Cruise of the season, we decided to book a Disney Cruise instead.  We were lucky enough to book the last available cabin on the ship.

At the time of booking, the customer service agent asked about special dietary needs.   I was offered the option of discussing our diet with someone at DCL before our embarkation date.  I elected not to do so.  (I understand that vegan desserts, vegan pancakes, etc., can be arranged if you choose to request them ahead of time.  There isn’t any extra cost for this service).  The reservation agent did make a note about our diet.

Information about DCL’s rotational dining system is readily available all over the internet, so I won’t get into it here.  I will note that we were originally assigned to second seating, which begins at 8:15.  However, we requested to be wait-listed for main seating and then called every few days to check on our “position” on the wait-list. About 2 weeks before the cruise, we received an updated travel confirmation showing the earlier dining time.  I’m so glad that we were squeaky wheels, because I cannot imagine trying to sit through a late dinner with an exhausted toddler.


(Special Kids Veggie Burger for my son.  That’s dairy cheese, in case you were wondering. Sorry if anyone is offended.)

From the first minutes aboard the Wonder, DCL’s dining team did a great job of accommodating us.  Although our dining team offered to arrange for special meals for us (which need to be ordered the night before), we only used this option once to order a veggie burger for my son.  We found that there were generally no issues with ordering from the regular menu.  The dinner menu generally had at least 1 vegan soup or salad and 1 vegan entree.  There was also at least one additional vegetarian main dish and appetizer.  I found that it helped to ask questions about the menu because sometimes items that were vegetarian or vegan were not marked that way.  Our server did a great job of letting us know if we accidentally ordered something we couldn’t eat or if there were menu items that could easily be modified by leaving something off.  I was very happy with the food quality and, in particular, with the wide-variety of meatless dishes available.  I wasn’t stuck with pasta every night like I would have been on some cruise lines.


(Teriyaki Tofu)


 (Poached Pear Salad)

 A Few Food Tips:

  • Soy milk is available by request in all dining locations and from room service.  Non-dairy ice cream is also sometimes available.
  • There are little packets of peanut butter available on the breakfast buffet if you’d like to add a little protein to your breakfast.  The buffet also had oatmeal, cream of wheat and cold cereal in boxes (so you can check the labels).  There was plenty of fruit, of course.
  • Salads generally come undressed, so it’s easy to substitute a vinaigrette for a cream-based dressing.
  • The honey topping on the dining room oatmeal is also added at the table.  Brown sugar and maple syrup are available as alternatives.
  • Pluto’s Dog House, on Deck 9, serves veggie burgers.  This location is open pretty much all the time, so there’s always a decent vegan meal available.
  • Sometimes it helps to be a little creative.  For example, at Tex Mex day at the buffet, there weren’t any veggie filling options at the taco station. However, I ordered tacos with guac, salsa and jalapenos and then added beans and veggies from the salad bar.



(Black Bean Chipotle Cakes)


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