Vegan Mofo Day 5: Best Sandwich Ever

IDI beet burger

Veg*ns these days have it easy.  Case in point: I’ve actually heard complaints that the “only” vegan item on the menu is a veggie burger.  Why, in my day, we walked uphill both ways to a restaurant only to be told that our choices were iceberg lettuce salad and a dry baked potato.  Going out to a place that served frozen Gardenburger patties was a special treat.

Now, most restaurants that serve veggie burgers make their patties in house.  I’ve found everything from bean patties, to grain patties, to tempeh patties — often with interesting topping choices like flavored aiolis or roasted veggies.  While it’s true that veggie burgers have become the standard veg*n item at restaurants, even an okay veggie burger is satisfying and beats the heck out of a “steamed vegetable plate.”  And I submit that a good veggie burger perfectly fits today’s best sandwich ever MoFo theme.

The burger above is the Bistro Beet Burger from Isa Does It, which I made for the first time today in honor of MoFo.  It’s a lentil, brown rice and beet patty that’s lightly seasoned and pan-fried.  Although the texture of the burger was spot-on, I found these patties to be a little bland topped just with ketchup, mustard and pickles.  But with the right toppings, these burgers could be a thing of beauty.  I’m thinking sauteed mushrooms and pesto mayo, or perhaps avocado and veggie bacon, or maybe onion rings, ranch dressing and buffalo sauce.  The possibilities are endless.



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3 responses to “Vegan Mofo Day 5: Best Sandwich Ever

  1. Looks great with those pickles! A shame to hear it was a bit bland, I’m yet to make this recipe but will keep it in mind if I do.

  2. I am totally with you about looking for and wide for just one vegan item on a menu. Now, when I go to a restaurant that has half or a full menu of vegan items, it takes me forever to choose–I am not used to all these choices! 🙂 Love your idea of adding sauteed mushrooms, that sounds like it’d definitely pump the burger up!

  3. I think they are still worth making. The texture was perfect, the patties were pretty and the ingredients were all easy to find and healthy.

    And I must confess that the idea of putting sauteed mushrooms on top of my burger is one I got from an episode of 30 Minute Meals — but I have no shame because it is delicious.

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