MoFo Day 10: Something Blue

Mid-August through mid-September is a tough time for my family because both my sister’s birthday and the anniversary of her death fall within that one month period.  This year, on what would have been her 32nd birthday, my Mom asked friends and family to celebrate by eating dessert first, something my sister often did “to save calories.”

Around here, you don’t need to tell us twice that it’s chocolate time.  I busted out Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar and my sister’s favorite sauvignon blanc served in a glass from a wine tasting trip we took together, and set to work making a batch of fabulous espresso chocolate brownies.  I’m trying to cut down on store-bought vegan butter because of the connection between palm oil and the murder of orangutans, so I subbed oil for the butter called for in the recipe.  I think the substitution actually made the brownies more fudgey and delicious.


So there you have it. Day 10 of MoFo.  The brownies and the memories are bittersweet and the “something blue” is this blogger.



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2 responses to “MoFo Day 10: Something Blue

  1. Tofulish

    I am so sorry for your loss.

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